During concrete repair, how can the problem of the carbonation of the armature in plastered components of reinforced concrete be dealt with?

How do concrete repair and the reinforcement of the shell affect the existing buildings?

The problems occur in the components of the shell have an effect, on both the comfort and the function, of a building. There are many reasons for this: moisture due to lack of waterproofing, insuffisent law regulations and enforcement, failure to apply the ”art and science”, long-term fatigue, especially from earthquakes in Greece.

Concrete repair is also mandatory when carbonation of reinforced concrete and the resultant oxidation of the armature, result in the impairment of the dynamic durability of the construction.

In what ways can a reinforced concrete component be statically strengthened?

To begin with, we may consult the structural engineer who will undertake the study of the concrete repair reinforcement of the building and will calculate the size and type of the intervention. The types of intervention differ according to the item (column, beam, or slab) and the purpose of the intervention (increase in the bending or shear resistance).

  1. Gunite

  2. Cladding of reinforced concrete

  3. Carbon fibre strips

  4. Carbon fibre fabrics or fibreglass fabrics

  5. Combination of the above.

Monotech visits your premises and guarantees the quickest concrete repair of the reinforced concrete components. Where immediate reinforcement is required, we undertake the repair of any concrete support after a meticulous study by a specialist structural engineer. Our company also undertakes a broad range of concrete repair and reinforcement works with carbon fibre fabrics, carbon fibres, cement or resin injections, etc.

Monotech undertakes the  concrete repair of parapets and masonry, the remedial work on underlays and joints on roof terraces so that there are no seepage during the waterproofing process. Where there are blisters, detachments, corrosion, and falls of coatings, plasterwork, wall masonry, and ceilings are repaired. Join our conversation on linkedin or continue below exploring other services, beyond the concrete repair.