External thermal insulation of the building shell. Is it worth it?

What is external thermal insulation

It is a system of  external insulation and protection of external vertical surfaces for masonry, and is applied both to newly-built and to existing constructions

What does external thermal insulation consist of?

It consists of the following components:

  1. Adhesive mortar (fibrous polymer-modified external thermal insulation adhesive)

  2. External thermal insulation boards

  3. Anti-alkaline mechanical fastening with plugs

  4. Formation of edges with corner beads and drip moulds

  5. Basic coating of plaster with polymer-modified external thermal insulation adhesive

  6. Arming of plaster with anti-alkaline fibreglass mesh

  7. Final waterproof coating of plaster.

Why external thermal insulation?

When the building undergoes thermal insulation on all its external surfaces:

  1. Money is saved because of the lower energy consumption in heating and cooling.

  2. The development of mould and of funguses because of steam condensation on internal cold surfaces is avoided.

  3. A healthier environment in the interior is ensured.

  4. Warmth is retained on the premises after the heating is turned off, because of the exploitation of the heat-retaining capacity of the structural components.

  5. The external walls are protected from changes in the weather.

  6. The heat losses of thermal bridges are significantly reduced.

What makes the Monotech's external thermal application unique?

Monotech applies certified systems with special attention to specific details which make a difference to its quality. Careful preparatory work, the filling of gaps, and the ‘finishings’ of the system are carried out in such a way as to ensure total waterproofing, protection, and great length of the building’s life.

When an external thermal insulation  case study is on offices, we love to roll up the sleeves and get our hands dirty- there are endless simulations to be carried out before implemented and applied to the shell. Having enquires about external thermal application? Reach us now to get a quote