Our company

Monotech was set up in 1989 by experienced graduate technicians, and the constant dynamic progress which it has achieved makes it the most reliable solution in the field of insulation. It has the most skilled and experienced workforce of insulation technicians and civil engineers with significant experience in complex projects and provides flexible economic and technical solutions.

Our human capital

At the same time, we invest in our human assets through on-going education and training by means of seminars given by the largest manufacturers of insulation materials and accredited state agencies.

Main objective

At MONOTECH we possess expertise, know-how, experience, and super-modern equipment, while with the complete meeting of your needs as our guiding philosophy, we are able to offer systems with comprehensive solutions in:

  • Waterproofing (in basements, on terraces, green roofs, bridges, cisterns)
  • Thermal insulation (terrace roofs, façade and external wall thermal insulation, pilotis, internal thermal insulation, roofing)
  • Concrete repair and reinforcement (making good of problems caused by damp)
  • Resin flooring (cement- based, epoxy, polyurethane coatings)
  • Green roofs

    The discovery and technically efficient implementation of innovative solutions and applications as each case requires have built up MONOTECH’s relationship of trust with a host of demanding private clients and have reinforced its credibility in the world of design engineers and construction companies, as well as among enterprises dealing in insulation materials. The recognition of our efforts and the satisfaction of our clients form the springboard for our next step.



At Monotech you will find services on-the-go (design, supply, application, and maintenance of insulation systems at a single location), while we provide a written guarantee with our services.